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The NSW Torana Club was founded in January 2006 with the aim of bringing together owners of Holden Toranas and also those with a like interest so that thay may enjoy and display their passion in a social, relaxed and family atmosphere.

Run Report ....

Cordeaux Dam, 21 July 2019 ....

What a great day for the club’s annual BBQ picnic run to Cordeaux Dam Picnic Area. Blue skies, above average winters temperatures and plenty of club members who met-up at Uncle Leo's Diner with Ron G leading the run in Bob’s absence, to make the trek south. Rose and Harold arrived early to secure our spot and give the tables and facilities a spruce up, Annie and I arrived next followed shortly after by Mark and Heather and John and Val. Mike arrived shortly after and didn’t quite make it to the parking spot following an altercation with a pot hole which resulted in a bent rim and a flat tyre on the hatch ... the curse continues.

BBQs fired-up and lunch was cooking in no time at all. Our friendly and experienced chef (Mark), cooked-up a storm as usual and always with a smile, and had everyone eating lunch in what seemed no time at all with some even returning for seconds. Main course out of the way and with the afternoon wearing-on, it was time for desert. Certainly no shortage of food and drink with so much to choose from. Thanks to Annie for the Caramel Slice and Jim for the Apple Pie.

By about 3:00pm, it was pack-up time, and by 3:30pm we were all bidding each other farewell. Rob and Sharon left early to pick up Rob’s car trailer to return and rescue Mike’s stricken hatch ... thanks Rob, champion effort mate.

Thanks to Annie, Mark, Heather, Rose and Harold for your efforts to ensure another great club BBQ ... and to all our club members who attended and bought salads and other goodies thank you for a great day.

A special mention and welcome to our newest club member Jeremy V, who has recently acquired Julies awesome red LJ four-door. Great car Jeremy, hope you have many years of club memories to follow.

Attendees: Pete and Angie M, Rob and Leanne F, Steve and Annie H, Mark and Heather H, John and Val H, Rose and Harold S, Mike H, Rob and Sharon, Bob and Norma, Ron and Robin, Monica S and Mike and Jeremy V.

Apologies: Bob, Gary, Kerrie, Lance, Sean and Gabby.

Steve Hennessy,

Run photographs.