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The NSW Torana Club was founded in January 2006 with the aim of bringing together owners of Holden Toranas and also those with a like interest so that thay may enjoy and display their passion in a social, relaxed and family atmosphere.

Run Report ....

Torana Nationals Canberra, 16/11/2018 to 19/11/2018

Steve Hennessy was the designated run leader as I was already in Canberra. All who drove down on Friday said it was a good run, and on their arrival, I was waiting at the motel to let them into the basement carpark. With everyone settled-in by 6:00pm, we headed-up to the the Alpha Motel to the meet and greet. This was a good chance to catch-up with some old friends and to look at all the cars in the carpark. By 7:30pm we headed-off to dinner at the Street Of Asia Restaurant. Soon after we arrived, a group of members of the A9X Club joined us. What a great way to start-off the weekend with new friends made and great food as well.

Saturday morning; up early to clean the cars before the cruise later in the morning. We were briefed about the route at the Alpha Motel. We were picked up on the way. Many thanks to the run leader (Peter Spencer). The cruise wound it's way through the suburbs of Canberra. We ended-up at the hall showground. What a sight, 150 Toranas parked on the oval. As the afternoon dragged-on, most headed-back to their accommodation.

Sunday morning; everyone was up early and in the carpark. Our club, along with the A9X club, rolled-out of the carpark right on 7:30am. Upon arrival at the show venue, we found that there was bit of a queue to get in, so just as well we were early. We were set-up by 8:30 and ready for a big day. So many Toranas to see. The total was 290. As aslways, these events go so quickly, and by 1:45pm, it was trophy time. Some of our club members picked-up a trophy, namely, Steve Hennessy 'Best LJ', me 'Best LH', and Gary Thomas 'Best Paint and Panel'. Most club members were packed-up by 3:30pm and ready to head back to the motel. On arrival, our club and the A9X club had celebratory drink or two in the carpark. Some of us had a quite night, while some went to the Irish Pub.

Monday morning; time say goodbyes to our the friends from the A9X club, pack-up ourselfs and head-off for home. Overall, what a great weekend!

Attendees: Steve, Annie, Mike, Gabrielle, Gary, Ron, Robin, Rose, Harold, Mark, Heather, Ria, Jack, Julie, Mark, Rob, Sharon, Rob, Terry, Thomas, Gain, Jim, Jenny, John, Val, Darrin, Judith, Rod, Pete, Angie and Bob.

Apologies: Lance, Stuart and Kerrie.

Bob Byrnes
Run Coordinator

Photographs will be provided shortly.