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The NSW Torana Club was founded in January 2006 with the aim of bringing together owners of Holden Toranas and also those with a like interest so that thay may enjoy and display their passion in a social, relaxed and family atmosphere.

Run Report ....

Sydney All Holden Day 05/08/2018 ....

After requests from several members, the club decided to attend the 33rd running of the NSW All Holden Day at Hawkesbury Showground at Clarenden and what a great decision this was, with nine Toranas and one Camira making the trek.

The day started early with Sharon, Rob, Mark and Steve the first to arrive at 6:00am, we were soon joined by Pete, Jeremy and Jim, Julie and Mark, Rose and Harold, and Stuart. A well done to Sharon for driving the big V8 hatch for the first time so Rob could bring the two hatches to the show.

After a cool start, the sun came up and the weather turned on a cracker of a day. Our fantastic site was right at the entry point, so we got to see an amazing procession of 816 of Holdens finest as they arrived at the show.

Following a great Breakfast BBQ prepared by Mark we were ready for the day as the huge crowd built up and continued right through to shows end. Interest in our cars was fantastic and as usual I didn’t get to see all the cars as the parade of onlookers and their interest and questions came and went all day.

Many club, current and past members, dropped-in to say hello, including Gary, Scott and Debbie, Rod M and Joe M.

The day passed quickly as car shows always do and before long, it was the awards time, with congratulations going to Bob and Julie, picking up sponsors choice awards. After such a great day, time had come to head home so we packed-up our gear and headed-off.

Thanks to everyone who attended or dropped in for a visit. This will become our annual August club run from now on so keep this on your calendar and lets have a great club turnout next year………



Attendees: Bob, Sharon and Rob, Julie and Mark, Heather and Mark, Rose and Harold, Jim Jenny and Jeremy, Pete, Stuart, Annie and Steve.