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The NSW Torana Club was founded in January 2006 with the aim of bringing together owners of Holden Toranas and also those with a like interest so that thay may enjoy and display their passion in a social, relaxed and family atmosphere.

Run Report ....

Grey Gums Café, Putty Road, 18 August 2018 ....

The meeting point for this run was McDonalds, McGraths Hill, and by 9:30am, most of the group had arrived. We were also joined by the club's newest member Terry Kearns and his family and his son, Thomes, and his wife, Jian. By 10:00am we were on our way and what a great day for our trip up the Putty Road, although we got blown over the road a bit with a strong wind.

The run took about an hour and a half, and on arrival, we were greeted by Tash and her three childern. Once we had parked the cars (it was like a mini car show), we headed inside to order lunch. We had some luck as we all sat inside and out of the wind.

After lunch we headed back outside and this was a good chance to have a look at Terry's car and what a beautiful car this is; a 1973 GTR XU-1. At this time Julie accepted my suggestion to present Terry with his club shirt and cap. Many thanks Julie.

With a welcoming word from myself and the rest of our members, at this point it was time to start heading for home.

I would like to thank everyone on this run for making Terry and his family welcome to the club.

Attendees: Rob, Leanne, Julie, Mark, Breanna, Jess, Tash and the childern, Terry, Thomes, Jian and Bob.

Apologies: Mike, Gabrielle, Steve, Annie, Rob, Sharon, Rose, Harold, Pete, Mark, Heather, Lance, Micheal, Greg and Lexa.

Run coordinator
Bob Byrnes