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The NSW Torana Club was founded in January 2006 with the aim of bringing together owners of Holden Toranas and also those with a like interest so that thay may enjoy and display their passion in a social, relaxed and family atmosphere.

Run Report ....

Batemans Bay (AGM) Weekend, 16-18/03/2018 ....

Friday, 16/3/2018.

Lance and myself arrived at the departure point at Leo's Diner at 9:45am and waited there until the departure time of 10:30am in the expectation that others may join us. With no one else from the club arriving, we headed-off down the Hume Highway to Sally's Corner where we were joined by Steve, Annie, Rob and Sharon. My plan was not to stop, so Lance made an inbound phone call to Annie to let her know that we would soon be approaching and to get ready to join. As luck would have it, a semi-trailer got in the way which blocked our view, therefore we were not seen by Steve, Annie, Rob and Sharon until we were a couple of hundred metres away. It was then a bit of a scramble to get moving.

The next stop was Goulburn for lunch and a refuel and the run to there was quite enjoyable. With bellies and cars refuelled we were on the road by 1:00pm to Braidwood where we made a pit stop to stretch the legs and make a toilet interlude. From Braidwood it was then direct to Batemans Bay and to our accommodation at the Coachhouse Marina Resort where we were met by Ron and Robyn who, themselves, had not long arrived. Shortly thereafter we were joined by Mike, Gabrielle, Rose and Harold.

High on the priority list were few drinks to wash down the contaminants of the day's drive and then it was time for dinner which was a casual affair, namely a BBQ dinner with all the trimmings.

Saturday, 17/3/2018.

Up early, breakfast done, and it was time to commence the day's activities. Two were organised with one to Mogo Zoo and the other a Clyde River cruise to Nelligen. The Mogo Zoo group were the first to depart while the other group remained until 10:30am and then walked down to the wharf to join the cruise.

Mogo Zoo is a great place to spend the day and for those who went thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Rod's two children, who got to feed the giraffes, were feeling a bit peckish, so at this point, the group, which had been at the zoo for over three hours, decided to go into Mogo township for coffee and lunch. A great little shop was found which made superb sandwiches. Following lunch. it was back to the Coachhouse Marina Resort to relax before the commencement of the AGM.

For the group that went on the Clyde River cruise, they had a great time as well. One highlight was the opening the drawbridge that spans the Clyde River to allow the boat to pass under. Built in 1956 to replace a vehicular ferry, it allows the Pacific Highway to pass over the river and giving almost uninterrupted access to thousands of cars daily.

Scenery along the river was excellent especially that from a passing pleasure boat when one of its female passengers bared her breasts as the boat passed us close by. It certainly caught everybody's attention, except for Lance, who was sitting on the other side of the boat and missed all of the action. It was the cheering and clapping which caught his attention, but by then, it was too late for him.

During the cruise, Harold, at times, appeared a little bored and this was observed by a crew member.  To relieve Harold's boredom, the crew member reappeared and presented Harold with a lovely colouring-in book.  Harold accepted the gift without objection.  A photo of Harold holding his colouring-in book may be seen in the gallery section.

Following a short stop at Nelligan, the cruise headed back to Batemans Bay, and by 4:00pm everybody was back at the Coachhouse for the start of the AGM.

The AGM went very smoothly and was over by 5:00pm. Time for a cold drink before dinner which was once again a BBQ. Plenty of food and no shortage of people to eat it. After the long day, some were worn-out and retired early while others stayed to while away the hours into the night.

Sunday, 18/3/2018.

Up early for the last day. For breakfast, BBQ-cooked bacon and eggs served on a roll was the go. What a delicious way to start the day. Breakfast done, some needed to headed-off while the remainder partook in a car photoshoot. By 10:00am it was time to roll, and with the day's temperature rising fast people were keen to get away. Mike, living at Long Beach had the shortest distance to travel. His departure from the Coachhouse most impressive indeed!

The trip to Goulburn and beyond was most uncomfortable as the temperature soared to 39 degrees. Accompanied by wind gusts of up to 80 knots, the conditions were almost intolerable. On reaching Goulburn, the winds subsided somewhat but picked-up again later in the day. A quick fuel-up at Goulburn, then across to Trappets Bakery for lunch, after which it was time to head-off once again. At this point we parted ways.

A superb weekend and in great company. Many thanks to all those who attended and to Mike and Gabrielle for doing the leg-work in setting it all up. Lance, too, for trekking down from Queensland; the longest distance travelled. No trophy!

Attendees: Steve, Annie, Mike, Gabrielle, Rose, Harold, Bob, Ron, Robyn, Rob, Sharon, Stuart, Lawrence, Julie, Mark, Rod, Brooke, Daisy, Ruby and Lance.

Apologies: Peter, Michael, Gary, Mark, Heather, John, Val, Jim, Mario, Rob, Leanne, Darrin and Anthony.

Bob Byrnes

Run Coordinator

Run Photographs (Thank you to those who provided the many images)